Saubhagya Scheme

Date : 10/10/2017 - 31/12/2018 | Sector: GOVERNMENT

The Saubhagya Scheme was carried out by the Energy & Power Department in West District and 100% target was achieved by 26/11/18 with a total of 3,581 nos of households being electrified under the scheme. The scheme was made successful via network of hardworking individuals, set up for efficient distribution of the benefits of the scheme to the needy and eligible.

West district in Sikkim has its population sparsely spread out in vast areas and majority living good amount of distance away from the approach roads, which makes it difficult and time consuming to approach each and every individual houses. Hence, to bring awareness to the public of the benefits of Saubhagya Scheme, the information was relayed to every Village Gram Sabhas by the concerned Department officials.

A very important role was played by the Village Panchayats in collection of the list of households in need of electrification. These lists were then collected by the Energy & Power Department and re verified in the Demand books as well as physically verified by the concerned area field staffs to prevent duplicacy in existing connections and to make sure the benefits were rightfully awarded only to the needy.

After the final list was furnished, the required materials for providing electrification was dispatched to the concerned field staffs to carry out the work. To about 80% of the households electrified under this scheme the materials were carried manually with distance ranging from 500mtrs to 2000 mtrs. But, with the co-operation of the local people and dedication of the field staffs this feat was achieved in timely fashion thus, electricity was made available to 3581 households under Saubhagya Scheme in West District, Sikkim.


total 6919 people in west sikkim


Proving electric connection to the un electrified house hold

How To Apply

Apply to Power and Energy Dept Govt Of sikkim